2019 Terrasylvan Survey

Thank You for Helping Make Terrasylvae Better!

Terrasylvae has been around for nearly 20 years and it wouldn’t be what it is without the Terrasylvans themselves! We appreciate your continued enthusiasm and participation in this group and the unique elements every person brings to the table.

Because of this, we feel that is important to get your feedback on how the group is doing and what we can do to improve. We hope that you will take just a few moments to answer 3 questions for us. This anonymous survey will help us understand how the group is doing as a whole and hopefully guide us to another great year in 2019!

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Acute angle: An angle of less than 90 between the arm and the body, used by Thibault to indicate that the sword arm is sloping downward. Attack of First Intention: An attack

Come. Sit By the Fire

Help us understand Terrasylvae better by answering the 3 questions below.