March Group Order for Order of the Rose

We had an impressive turnout of over 40 people at Fencing practice on Friday. That truly is incredible! But when it comes to that many people, we have to face the fact that our loaner gear may not be enough to accommodate everyone.

I know that several of you were left without a helmet, gorget, or sword to use at practice and I’m sorry. When this happens, we hope everyone will do the honorable thing and share the loaner gear, so everyone can get a chance to fight. Additionally, you can help yourself, and us, out by participating in this group order 🙂 .

Group orders are fantastic ways to the help the group because even by purchasing one piece for yourself means there is one more thing available in the loaner gear. Plus, you get the added benefit of the Order paying for the shipping and taking care of ordering the right piece from the place. There’s practically no hassle.

In this group order we are offering the following things:

NOTE: If you are considering the purchase of a sword, please talk with an Officer or leave a comment below to ensure full understanding your options.

We’ll begin taking orders this Friday at Fencing Practice and you can let us know what you’re thinking or ask any questions in the comments below.

Have questions? Search our library.