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Shayen Locke

My Study into the Four Levels of Importance: Honor

Honor is honesty, fairness and integrity in one’s beliefs and actions.
A fine sense of, and strict conformity to what is morally right or due.
A soundness of moral principle that no power or influence can impair.
A strong adherence to truth.
To be of worth.

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Lore Stories
Sylas Lorundr

When Boredom Strikes

Both to Sylas and me boredom is the most unpleasant thing in the world and must be avoided at all costs – Sylas Iorundr

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Lore Stories
Kane Driscol

Dinner at Le Vilain Caneton

During his time traveling through France as a member of L’Orchidée Noire, a traveling troubadour group, Kane developed a love for gourmet food and high dining. This was something Damian clearly didn’t understand.

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Lore Stories
Miren Folley

The First Encounter

We arrived midday at the Order Garrison. A grumpy young man, who I could only assume was the garrison secretary, was tossing excess papers around his desk.

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Lore Stories

Entwined Fate Part 2

The priest went to help Veron, lifting and carrying Vlad inside while the two hunters slowly and carefully made their way up the steps into the chapel behind them. Upon entering it was dark and musky, frail candles lit throughout the place flickering hesitantly to dispel the shadows that hung everywhere else.

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