Melee Scenario

Melee Scenario

Cabin in the Woods


Kane Driscol

Type of Scenario

Standard Scenario

Mission Leader

Doesn’t Matter



Getting caught in a torrential downpour in Woodland is never fun, but luck is on your side when you stumble upon a forgotten cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, another group has already found refuge in the small cabin and they are refuse to share!


Dividing into two teams, one team starts in an enclosed space with only one opening. This will be considered the door. The other team will start outside the “cabin”. There should be some method to count how many deaths the team outside of the cabin take, whether it is a non-fighter or a counter.


The scenario is simple. The team in the cabin is trying to keep the other team out, while the other team is trying to get out of the rain and seize the cabin for themselves. Everyone inside the cabin will only have a single life. The team outside has an infinite number of lives, but each time they die they must record their death. The fight continues until everyone inside the cabin is eliminated. The roles switch and the scenario is run a second time. In the end, whichever team held off more fighters before losing the cabin is the victor.

Victory Conditions

Whichever team can kill more fighters before losing control of the cabin is the winner.

Total # of Lives

Everyone in the cabin has a single life. Everyone outside the cabin has unlimited lives.


The cabin and the surrounding area. The only entrance into the cabin is through the door.

Weapon Restrictions

Standard weapon restrictions

Rez Point(s)

The team outside of the cabin must record their death before returning to the fight.

Rez Count

Instant once the death is recorded.

Death from Behind


Additional Rules

Special rules may vary depending on the scenario setup. Examples would be declaring if shots are allowed over tables or benches and how blind shots are handled.

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