Opening Night Announcements on March 1st, 2019

Last night’s opening practice was something to behold. We had over 40 Terrasylvans in attendance, which is amazing, and many things were announced. Here is a general overview of those announcements, but if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.Β Note: I will list not out every announcement here because either I don’t have enough details, this isn’t the place for certain announcements, or I just forgot about them over the last 12 hours.

Order of the Rose Announcements

  • Lessons will begin officially next week on March 8th
  • For ease, Order of the Rose group fees will be a flat-rate of $5 per month for everyone.
  • Many new pieces of gear have been purchased and still arriving. Loaner swords are now color coded (Green handle = short sword. Red handle = long sword).
  • We reviewed the Code of Conduct and the family-friendly environment we are trying to promote in the Order of the Rose.
  • I, Kane, will be stepping down as Captain on March 29th and passing that responsibility to Shayen Locke.
  • The following Officers were called: Tilly as Lieutenant and Rasputin, Laddy, and Edward as Sergeants.
  • This year we are emphasizing discussion and creating an open forum environment within the group. Next week Damian and I will be teaching a basic class on how to have a fencing discussion.
  • Please take a moment to submit the opening anonymous survey on the website located on the Home Page
  • On March 15th, the Swordsman will be leading out on practice. Please coordinate and collaborate.
  • Finally, a series of Helpful Guides were presented to help highlight and guide students as they progress through the ranks. Feel free to download and review them as they will handed out as students go up in rank.

Helpful Guides

Shire Announcements

  • Damian’s Star Wars Birthday will be held today (March 2nd) at Woodland. Click here for the Facebook Event.
  • Shire Memberships are still available. These memberships cover most fees in group activities and events. Talk with Damian if you have any questions.
  • Rangers have scheduled Archery practice on the 2nd Saturday of every month, barring other events, at 11am in the Lower Field. The opening Archery practice will be next week on March 9th. If you have questions, reach out to Rhiannon.
  • Iron Thorn’s season will begin on March 9th, after the Ranger’s Archery practice. Additionally, weekly practices will be held on Saturdays at 5:30pm in Woodland from then on, barring other events. If you are interested, talk with Martin.
  • Sylvan Assembly is looking for interested parties to help organize and schedule future dances/events. If you are interested, speak with Rhiannon.
  • Tilly encourages all members to look into participating in Gryphon Lair practice and is now the official Rapier Marshal for that barony. If you are interested in SCA events or need authorization, reach out to Tilly.
  • Plans are being finalized for the Shire’s 20th Birthday by Rhiannon. Please reach out to her if you would like to get involved and begin to seek out past Terrasylvans and invite them to come and join.
  • Lorcan and Zarka have taken on the role of Acolytes to assist Kane, in his role as Shire Sage, to review and reorganize Terrasylvae’s online presence.

It’s About Time!!!

Hey Everyone! We’re just a few days away from kicking off another great year in Terrasylvae. I hope you’re excited!

To commemorate the new season, which starts this Friday (March 1st) at 5:30pm in Woodland, I’ll be sharing a short little post every day this week. These posts will have announcements, treats, and other goodies to get you ready. I’ll keep them brief so you can glance through them in just a few moments.

For your first treat, here is a little sampler of what we have planned this year! More details will be forth coming as the year progresses.

  • March: Damian’s Birthday Star Wars Bash ( Click here for the Facebook event ) & Iron Thorn’s: Vernal Quest (Click here to check out the Facebook event)
  • April: Steamfest!!!!
  • May: The Shire’s 20th Birthday! Woot! πŸŽ‚
  • June: Terrasylvae Camping Trip ( Let’s all go and rough it out in the woods! πŸŒ²πŸ•οΈπŸŒ² )
  • July: Mystery Event
  • August: Woodland War & Diplomacy! βš”οΈβš”οΈβš”οΈ
  • September: Harvest Ball & High Tea ( We can be fancy too! β˜•)
  • October: Halloween Night Games & Spook-tacular (We’re in for a ghoul-ish time this year. πŸ‘» )
  • November: Mystery Event
  • December: Caroling in the Woods
  • January 2020: Twelfth Night

And those are only the big Shire events! Just wait and see what else is in store for every Terrasylvan!

The 2019 Terrasylvae Season Opens in:

The Season is Afoot!
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