A collection of articles written for the members of Terrasylvae

Empowering the Sergeants

I spent much of the last season empowering the Lieutenants, so they could play a larger role in the group. For this next season, I would like to do the same with the Sergeants.

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Winter Warrior Challenge 2019

The Winter Warrior Challenge is your opportunity to keep the rust off during the Off-Season. Each Month will have a different theme and there will be different activities you can do each week.

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Some Final Thoughts of the Year

For this Woodland Watch, I wanted to give the Officers a chance to share something with the entire group because tomorrow will be their final practice before being released.

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Map of Woodland

Woodland is our home in Terrasylvae and getting familiar with Woodland will help you follow along as you learn and participate with the group.

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Winter Warrior Challenge

This challenge is meant to help you work on very basic fencing skills for 100 days. That’s just enough time before the fencing season starts again. Simply mark off each day you complete the exercise which will progressively get more and more challenging as time goes on.

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