Journal Entries

A collection of journal entries, written and shared by members of Terrasylvae.

Let’s Talk About Fencing

A very simple method of training and learning more about fencing is often overlooked: talking. When we talk about fencing we share and learn together. We should be doing it more. 

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My Study into the Four Levels of Importance: Honor

Honor is honesty, fairness and integrity in one’s beliefs and actions.
A fine sense of, and strict conformity to what is morally right or due.
A soundness of moral principle that no power or influence can impair.
A strong adherence to truth.
To be of worth.

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A Life of Dreams

“He was calmly eating his soup, laughing with pleasant good-humour, as if he had come all the way to Calais for the express purpose of enjoying supper at this filthy inn, in the company of his arch-enemy.” – Emmuska Orczy, The Scarlet Pimpernel

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A Rose of Valor

Each fighter carries with him or herself a Rose all unique with their own set of virtues and traits.  When you look at a rose, what does it mean to you? The symbolism of your rose should always guide your actions, both on and off the field.

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The Generations of Terrasylvae

With Terrasylvae’s 19th Birthday this month, we are reminded of the legacy each of us is a part of and how we fit into the rich history of this group.

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A Moment Worth Living For

“Don’t you sometimes feel bewildered when you think of the millions of things that put life together? I’m not bewildered. I’m filled with the deepest awe and wonder. The miracle is that in its complexity it all works.” – Julie Andrews Edwards, The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

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