Lore Stories

A collection of stories, legends, and other tales surrounding Terrasylvae and its inhabitants.

Perran the Spriggan

No one gets hurt, it’s all back by Sunday. It’s only fun if everyone is having fun. Otherwise, it stops.

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All My Sins: Part 9-Confession

“The MacBroins have always been a disgrace,” continued the pale boy.  “They have always been liars, cowards, and failures.  You, though, are the crowning jewel.  You’ll always be the pale, sniveling boy waiting for mother to come back.”

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War & Piece

She sat back, and he was released from the spell holding him. “Now, make your way to the kitchens before you die.”

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Adventure to the Lime Sink: Part 5

He made sure to find a way to not only touch the falling water, but also fill up his water-sack with the cool, crisp water before returning to a specific ledge that jutted out into the cavern. Sitting down, with his feet dangling over the edge, Kane pulled out a few tasty morsels from his back pack and looked out over cavern below him as he ate.

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All My Sins: Part 6-A Loathsome Thing

“Lorcan, Mimir’s Well is sacred to the men of the North.  Drinking its waters gives you wisdom and power beyond mortal reckoning.  Even the gods respected and feared the place, and few of them even dared to take a drink.”

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Shay’s Timeline, Part 3, Conclusion: Returning

As we neared the ruins of the ancient castle near to the Heart of Woodland I breathed in the scent of the trees. I felt the canopy filtered sunlight playing across my skin. I could hear the flow of water and the sounds of all the wild things that live in the hidden depths of the forest. The air tasted of blossoms and honey. There really is no place so lovely as Woodland in the spring.

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Shay’s Timeline, Part 2: Leaving

Knowledge of what lies within Ellesbeth cairn is whispered at firesides by the very old to those young enough to believe them. Most people avoid graves. I went to find a way in.

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