Lore Stories

A collection of stories, legends, and other tales surrounding Terrasylvae and its inhabitants.

All My Sins: Part 6-A Loathsome Thing

“Lorcan, Mimir’s Well is sacred to the men of the North.  Drinking its waters gives you wisdom and power beyond mortal reckoning.  Even the gods respected and feared the place, and few of them even dared to take a drink.”

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Shay’s Timeline, Part 3, Conclusion: Returning

As we neared the ruins of the ancient castle near to the Heart of Woodland I breathed in the scent of the trees. I felt the canopy filtered sunlight playing across my skin. I could hear the flow of water and the sounds of all the wild things that live in the hidden depths of the forest. The air tasted of blossoms and honey. There really is no place so lovely as Woodland in the spring.

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Shay’s Timeline, Part 2: Leaving

Knowledge of what lies within Ellesbeth cairn is whispered at firesides by the very old to those young enough to believe them. Most people avoid graves. I went to find a way in.

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Shay’s Timeline, Part 1: Arriving

I arrived in Woodland with nothing but my name, the clothes I wore, and that case of salt. It was a buzzing environment. I liked the hustle and bustle of the place. It was as though all the best parts of the world, without any of the bad, had come together in one perfect setting. It was a pure wonder to me.

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Entwined Fate Part 8

Veron shook his head, he hated trusting demons. “Let’s do this, then.”
The cave was so bright he forgot what darkness meant. It wasn’t until a moment later that pitch black enveloped his vision, and a small cackle filled his mind. His heart sank slightly, being unable to see anything, but he was unable to fight the process.

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All My Sins: Part 4-Green

Surely this was some manner of fae curse.  Yes, it had to be.  But who had cursed him, and why?  Titania, or one of her court?

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Laddy’s Dream Part 2: The Dragon Listens

Laddy rested his hand on a small dagger that to Tilly had appeared from nowhere like magic. The handle was a deep rust color and the blade was made of pure obsidian. It was well cared for. As soon as she had seen it Laddy whisked it away stashing it in some place Tilly could not see.

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