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If you haven’t caught on yet, Winter is coming. The Season is ending. We only have two more practices before taking four months off. It gives me the shivers every time I say that, but it’s a necessary break. We all need a chance to recover and refuel or else we run the risk of burn out.

With that said, there is very little time to apply new techniques and principles, so instead of writing a whole Woodland Watch on something new, I thought I’d do something to help you through the break.

Music is a Powerful Inspiration

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably listening to music all the time. I can barely get through a day at my desk job without pulling up Pandora and listening through my well-groomed channels. Music is a part of our lives and it can be a useful tool when applied.

Before the season ends, I would invite everyone to create a playlist of maybe 10-15 songs that you can use as a motivation and a reminder of the feelings you get or want at Fencing. Additionally, the Winter Warrior ChallengeWinter Warrior Challenge The Winter Warrior Challenge has been an annual resource provided by the Officers and members of the Order of the Rose. While the various challenges have varied, the goal has remained the same: find and encourage ways to prepare for the upcoming season during the Winter Break. If you would like to see past Winter Warrior Challenges check out the archive: is coming soon and this can be a great way to inspire us to dedicate the time to make it through those challenges, while we wait for the season to start.

As an example, I’ve already created mine and I’ve shared my playlist below. I just went to YouTube and found the songs I thought worked for what I wanted my playlist to be. You can create this playlist any way you want, but I wanted to tell myself a story every time I listened through it, so mine are in a very specific order. I wanted to try and tell a story of preparing for battle, entering the arena, beginning the fight, in the midst of battle along with finishing strong, and then finally walking away ready to do it all over again.

1. Underdog – VERSUS

2. RISE – League of Legends

3. Believer – Imagine Dragons

4. Man On Fire – Oh The Larceny

5. Glory – The Score

6. Army – Zayde Wolf

7. Gladiator – Zayde Wolf

8. Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk

9. The Catalyst – Linkin Park

10. Natural – Imagine Dragons

11. King – Zayde Wolf

12. Legends Never Die – League of Legends

13. You vs. Them – VERSUS

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What is your Fencing Playlist?

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