Fencing Practice: July 17, 2020

Event Starts:

July 17, 2020 5:30 pm

Event Ends:

July 17, 2020 9:00 pm


Woodland Park

In Charge:


Is There a Fee?


How Much?

$5 per month or proof of Shire Membership

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open

We are going to start this week off with Open Workshop for Students, while Swordsmen and Master Swordsmen work together for an hour or so. Then we have the privileged of having a Fight of the Tabard. After that, we have a fun opportunity, led by our Lieutenants, to work as a group to create new melees and play them. It’s going to be a fun jam-packed week!


  • Newcomers: As Needed
  • Initiates: Open Workshop
  • Novices: Open Workshop
  • Swordsmen: Master Swordsman Class


Preparing for Practice this week

If you have a tabard, please bring it.

Students before you come to practice please take some time to plan out how you would like to use your Open Workshop time. This is an excellent opportunity to work on skills you’ve learned in classes in the last two weeks.

For everyone, Lorcan has written a wonderful article on how to create great Melees. Please take some time to read it before you come so that as we plan new melees together we can draw from a common well of knowledge to facilitate our creativity.

Also in preparation for this activity, if possible, please download Trello on to your phones. This is how we are going to go through the peer-review process for these awesome new melees we are going to create. Plus, if you have Trello you can use it in the future to access the OotR Melee Board.


RoR has officially started. Good luck to all participants. These members of our group can use your love and support in the form of feedback and practice. If you have time, please make an effort to help them with this part of their journey by talking and practicing with them. Thanks!

AF Order

Hooray! Sports masks and Helmets from Absolute Fencing have arrived. They will be handed out on Friday. If you want an extra carbon filter bring a couple extra bucks. They come with one already.

Masters School

Masters School is open to everyone who wants to come and learn. You don’t need to have a master to show up. This week Masters School is going to be unique. We are going to focus our time on advanced melee tactics. If there is a particular part of melee that intrigues you, inspires, or even frustrates you, come prepared to share that with the group and we will work on those things together. Our goal with this Masters School is to take our understanding and implementation of melees to the next level. And it’s really well timed coming right after the melee planning day.

Sides Making Day

Immediately following Masters School we have our sides making and helmet painting activity. This will run from 11 am-3 pm, please arrive by 2 pm so you can complete your creations in time. To help protect vulnerable populations, this event requires a face mask, and no one will be allowed in the house. A huge thanks to Kane, Miren, and Tilly for running this! Our Terrasylvae community is so great!

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What kind of Melee are you thinking of creating?

2 thoughts on “Fencing Practice: July 17, 2020”

  1. I’m really excited for making some melees and workshopping them with everyone. I’m familiar with Hide and Seek and VIP scenarios, but I’d like to try something different. Maybe creating a variant of a Pinch or Barrier scenario would be fun. I’d like to look into that. Also, I would love to hear thoughts on what people thought of making scenarios, and the scenario article. Feedback is a wonderful thing, and I think we could benefit greatly from that.

  2. I’m thinking a traveling scenario might be fun to design. Always a challenge when you’re never quite sure what parts of Woodland will be available, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted. Maybe a traveling scenario going in opposite directions? Oncoming traffic jam… yes… hmm…


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