Fencing Practice: July 31, 2020

Event Starts:

July 31, 2020 5:30 pm

Event Ends:

July 31, 2020 9:00 pm


Woodland Park

In Charge:


Is There a Fee?


How Much?

$5 per month, unless you have a Shire Membership

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Melee

Even with many people attending Camp, we are still holding practice. It will be a chill Melee week and we will play melees by request, from our very own Melee Board. We can also work on any specific skills you would like to work on.


  • Newcomers: Breaking Shots
  • Initiates: Range and Placement
  • Novices: Rush Attacks
  • Swordsmen: Open Workshop


Woodland War!

Mark your Calendars for August 21st and 22nd for Woodland War! This year we are pleased to announce the return of Warlords for our Woodland War theme, which will begin at this event and run every week through September. Damian has been planning this epic adventure for more than a year and it is going to be full of fun and shenanigans. An event to remember for sure.


RoR is going very well, our students are half way through and working hard. Thank you for your help and support of them. The Sponsors are reaching out too and there are some inspiring conversations happening all around. Our Terrasylvae community is so great, lets keep it up. And good for you RoR students!

Awesome Thoughts

Hey, if you didn’t see, on the Forum in the Order of the RoseOrder of the Rose The Order of the Rose is a Company within Terrasylvae that focuses on rapier-style fencing. Garrison Isolde posed an awesome question. On Discord, Kane posed a thought-provoking question. And Miren wrote a whole article this week with two profound points well worth your consideration. Thank you three.

I love the many different ways we are seeing people owning their own journeys and helping to build our community through this type of citizenship. Positive inquiry is such a powerful contribution, and anyone can ask questions. What are some fencing questions you have? Check these out, and share your thoughts.

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