Harvest Ball

Event Starts:

October 10, 2020 7:00 pm

Event Ends:

October 10, 2020 10:00 pm


Woodland Park

In Charge:


Is There a Fee?


How Much?

When hinges creek in door-less chambers, when strange and frightening sounds echo throughout Woodland Park, that is the time when Terra Sylvans are present, practicing their dancing with ghoulish delight!
As possibly the biggest Disneyland nerd in all history, I am seriously in withdrawal and depressed over the fact that I may never see one of my favorite places again. To console myself I present to you the 2020 Harvest Ball brought to you by The Haunted Mansion!
For my fellow Disneyland nerds (Tillie? Douglas? Isolde?) I sincerely hope you will come and revel in this tribute to a really cool attraction we all miss and for the rest of you, well, I hope you will bear with the odd decor and come join in with our favorite dances!
If any of you have great looking haunted mansion decorations (Douglas) I’d love it if you would bring them. If any of you have actual Disney Haunted Mansion stuff I command- I mean, humbly request that you loan it to us for our Ball.

Dancing begins at 7:00, food will be potluck, no site fee, and, as always, I’d appreciate any help in decorating before the event and teaching dances.

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