Mask Painting/Customizing

Event Starts:

June 25, 2020 7:00 pm

Event Ends:

June 25, 2020 9:00 pm


Tilly's House: 1657 N 550 W Clinton, UT

In Charge:


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How Much?

Broderers is FINALLY getting together, and it’s time to decorate our favorite kind of masks: the fencing ones. Join us this month to enjoy time with friends and to personalize your own fencing helmet. To help everyone who desires to come to feel safe, please consider wearing a cloth face mask for the duration of the event. Other items to bring are listed below.

  • Your helmet
  • Any color(s) of acrylic paint you would like
  • Paint brushes
  • An idea of what you want on your mask
  • Any other frills you want for the crown or hood of the helmet
  • $2-$5 Cash/Paypal payment for Tilly (if you use her materials)

The event will be at Tilly’s house, her address is:
1657 N 550 W Clinton, UT

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What theme would / have you used on your own mask?

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