Sage Training: Learning to Use Trello

Event Starts:

January 10, 2020 6:00 pm

Event Ends:

January 10, 2020 8:00 pm


Kane & Miren’s House

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In this first training, we will be presenting how to use Trello.

We will cover the use of the Shire Trello Board, easy ways to collaborate and some functions you may not know about. Our goal is to learn how we as a group can be better prepared to collaborate and plan out events. We also hope to show you some ways you can use Trello on your own personal projects.


What to Bring:

If you are planning on attending this training (which I hope you do), here are a few things that you could consider bringing:

  • Your phone with the Trello App already downloaded.
  • An accessible account on Trello.
    • I’ ll try to help if I can, but try to make sure you have access to your account.
  • Pen and paper for notes.
  • An open mind to discuss the wibbly-wobbly nature of technology.
  • Any specific questions you have concerning Trello.
    • If you leave your questions in the comments below, we can come prepared to answer them.

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Do you have any specific questions about Trello that you would like covered?

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