Stag Tourney and Bake Sale

Event Starts:

June 5, 2021 10:00 am

Event Ends:

June 5, 2021 1:00 pm


Woodland Park

In Charge:

Shayen Locke

Is There a Fee?


How Much?

Free Site Fee, but please bring your cash to support the Bake Sale generously

Stag Tourney

Order of the RoseOrder of the Rose The Order of the Rose is a Company within Terrasylvae that focuses on rapier-style fencing. is hosting its first-ever all men’s tourney, aka a Stag Tourney! We are excited to provide this opportunity for our wonderful gentlemen fencers. The tourney will include 6 mini tourneys to determine 6 finalists who will compete in a 3 round tourney to determine our Stag Champion. But, keep track of the second-place winners from the qualifying rounds, they will have a chance to fight their way back in on the bi-round.

Mini tourneys will include:

  • a speed challenge where men will compete to obtain the most kills in 10 minutes
  • classic one and done fight with sword and dagger
  • elimination bear pits where gents are allowed to fight with what they consider to be their best
  • a one and done tourney where your opponent picks your weapons
  • a traditional inverse snowball
  • and finally a one and done with a single short and non-offensive side, each round a fellow survives he has to choose a new non-offensive side

Once the finalists are chosen they will compete in a traditional tourney where each round will have a new challenge for competitors to work through. It’s going to be epic!

Ladies this is an opportunity for you to dress up in all your medieval finery and come enjoy the show. Come cheer your menfolk on, and perhaps provide a favor to one lucky man.

Bake Sale

While the tourney is progressing. Miren and Evanlyn have graciously accepted the delightful task of running our Bake Sale. We are asking anyone who would like, to bring delicious baked goods to contribute to the sale. Breads, cookies, candies, and delicacies of all sorts are welcome. There will also be an auction of some of our Terrasylvan favorite baked goods that are a bit more elegant or showy.

Please reach out to Miren on BAND if you would like to participate in the auction. She is looking for several volunteers.

This is a free event, but we are hoping to raise funds for new jackets or longer loaner daggers for our gear. So bring your cash and be prepared for a delightful culinary experience while you enjoy some fantastic fighting!

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