Website BETA Test

Event Starts:

April 5, 2021 6:00 am

Event Ends:

April 16, 2021 9:00 pm



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Is There a Fee?


How Much?

Thank you for your interest in the Website BETA Test! Your feedback can help us know how we can improve and better implement the website for the group and its members. Our goal is to see if BETA TESTERS can get everything they need from ONLY THE WEBSITE and to explore how the website is/can be used to benefit the group.

As a BETA TESTER, your task would be to only use the website to interact with the group when away from practice or events. We want to know if the website can sufficiently meet the needs of members like you.

We also want to know how the website can be improved. BETA TESTERS would also be expected to explore and use the website and provide ideas on what works well and what doesn’t. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you post, it just matters that you explore the website and think of ways that you’d like to use it. Try making a post. Try commenting. Make an event. Look around and think of what you like, don’t like, and suggestions you might have. We can take everything into consideration during a BETA test so don’t be afraid to brainstorm with us.

If you have questions or feedback, please leave a comment on this event so we can gather everything in one place and make a plan to move forward. The BETA will be ongoing through April 17th.

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What questions or feedback do you have after using the website?

5 thoughts on “Website BETA Test”

  1. I need a messenger service, a public feed, for event planning and quick communication. Also if we are going only website a repository for progress information like Trello.

    I think the Library function of the website is awesome. All of our stories and lessons on here is very useful. But it is more like a library than a day to day use.

    • Yes, as I mentioned at practice, a method for quick communication is really the big thing that’s missing here. The forum could potentially serve that purpose but still may not be as efficient as other platforms. I think, in general, the website is a great place for information but not so much communication.

      On another note, I was reading this event and then logged in so I could post a comment. After navigating back to this page, I seem to be logged out – it no longer says “Hi Edward” at the top. Not sure if I’m actually logged out or if it’s just a display issue. It’s asking me to put my name and email address down to comment, so we’ll see what happens.


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