Often Sought, but Seldom Found...

In the depths of Woodland resides a place that is only rumored of by outsiders. A place of magic ruled by the Fae, with a queen as beautiful and as fickle as nature herself. The Fairy Glen.

Do you seek the Fairy Glen?



There Will Be Signs for Those Who Look...

Fairy Glen will not appear on any official map, but for those who know where to look there will be signs that you approach the fairies’ realm. 

Just as Haute’s domain is dark and foreboding, the forest surrounding Fairy Glen is vibrant and full of life. Butterflies and birds gather here and the greens seem more green. If you listen closely, you may even hear a chorus of quiet giggling. Wild roses guide travels from the mundane forest into a place touched by fairy kind.

Do you follow the signs?



Welcome to Fairy Glen...

The rest of the world falls away as you enter Fairy Glen. Time seems to slow and the deep, heady smell of nature fills your lungs, lifting your spirit like a tree reaching for the sun.

You have found Titania’s kingdom. She is Queen of the Fairies and a lover of all things beautiful and natural. If you garner her favor by offering a gift she may grant you a reward. 

Declare who you are, what you offer to Titania as a gift, and why you came to see her. If there is something you seek, speak now and perhaps the Lady Titania will help.

After presenting yourself to Titania and bestowing your gift, you hear a lilting voice carried on the wind, like a leaf;

“Won’t you stay and dance with us?”

For the remainder of the day and well into the night, you revel with the fairies and relish in the magic of Fairy’s Glen.