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Music is awesome. And stuff.  

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So what music does everyone like? This doesn't have to be music that gets you pumped for a fight, just the tunes you listen to on a daily basis.

I'll start. The album I'm listening to right now as I type this is Advaitic Songs by Om. It's a Doom Metal album that's surprisingly relaxing and meditative. Doesn't have any wailing guitars or screaming dudes in it. I would highly suggest giving it a listen.

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Shayen Locke
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@rasputin I was recently introduced to Zayde Wolf. Loving it! I listen to it while I'm working out. He has a great beat and motivating lyrics but not in a cheesy way. I have a bunch of his music on my playlists. A lot of his stuff is up on Youtube. I like:

'Do What We Wanna Do'





Kane Driscol
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Very interesting, @Rasputin ! I was surprised that they were able to pull off a medieval-esque tone (or at least what I found to be medieval-esque) within their style of music. 

As for me, I've been slowly massaging the same four Pandora stations for about 3 years now and it offer me enough variety that my tastes have grown from it. The four stations I listen to are Imagine Dragons, Medieval Radio, Instrumental Chill, and Easy Listening.

Imagine Dragons

This one is my go to for light rock and alternative stuff. Obviously Imagine Dragons is on there, but I also listen to the Score, Zayde Wolf, Linkin Park, Oh The Larceny, and the Script.

Medieval Radio

This is one is exactly what is sounds like. Lots of Celtic Women, Blackmore's Night, and similar artists. I listen to it mostly when I'm writing new blog articles or working on the website.

Instrumental Chill

This is kind of that techno, low-key, background music I turn on when I just want something playing but not actually paying attention. I listen to it a lot when I need to focus on work or when I'm doing the dishes. It's also relaxing when I'm stressed out. Daft Punk, the Tron Legacy album, and Tycho pop up a bunch.

Easy Listening

This one is great for some classic oldies and well… easy listening haha. I've got Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Valli, Ben Rector, Nat King Cole, Adele, Meghan Trainor, Straight No Chaser, and Pentatonix on there a lot.


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