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What's in a Dream?

[Closed] What's in a Dream?  

Miren Folley
Seeker of Vann Oru

I know I'm not the only one out there who has fencing dreams, and I can easily say they're some of my favorites. What dreams have you had about Terrasylvae? Here's my most recent:

We were hosting a battle with fighters I did not recognize. During a scenario I got cornered with 3 unknown fighters against myself. I zipped the line and only 1 person took the shot. So I used my death stick to block the swords of the other 2 and zipped again. Neither took the shot. Instead the lady on the right took my arm and as I was trying to shift my sword to my left hand, she stabbed me, and I lost 1 of my 2 lives. She ran off. As I was counting my rez, the remaining guy hovered next to me. I asked him some kind of question to cut me a little slack, but he ignored it so the moment I got to zero I bolted the other direction. He chased after me and I was caught in that dream moment where no matter how fast you run, the villain behind you is faster. He had caught up to me in seconds and called ME dead. I was a "perfect" example of honor/attitude, because I turned around and let him know how much he sucked. (Don't worry, Kane, my conscience was getting to me even in the dream. I knew I didn't behave like an officer and immediately gave myself a walk through in my head on how I should have accepted the death no matter how unfair I thought it was.)

Terrasylvae members turned the dream around though. Later on we were in an outside adult-sized play fort. It was a 2 story cabin we were all hanging out in, but it was also a jungle gym with obstacle courses. I was watching some training outside when I saw Ja'ika standing up from his pretend King's throne. (He was wearing the giant red cape over his typical green shirt and brown pants, and he had a make-shift staff he waved in the air.) He said "achooo" once. Then he turned and looked at those training and shouted "achooooo" a little louder. When no one paid attention, he raised his staff shouting, "Hey!! Aaacchhooooooooooo!" Roark and I turned and said "bless you, sir."

"Doest thou needeth a kleeneth?" I asked. (I totally said Kleeneth instead of Kleenex in the dream)

Laddy nodded on Ja'ika's behalf. 

So I scaled up one of the climbing walls of the fort to the kitchen where an unknown baker was preparing food. I called in to her, and she threw meat & eggs out the window for me to take to Ja'ika. I took them to him and then tried again to find tissues. There was a room in the bottom right of the playhouse where all the "top dogs" had secret meetings and shared information. Damian was currently hosting a few members of the SCA in this room. When a couple men left, I sneaked through the door as it was closing, slid across the floor to the tissues and turned to make my way out a different exit. As I was turning all the sudden Damian rises and approaches me. He was wearing a dark gray robe with the hood pulled over his head. 

You know how Emperor Palpatine sounds when he says, "Let the hate flow through you"? Well that is how Damian sounded when he said, "Miren, are you stealing our tissues?"

That's when I woke up laughing. The end. 🙂


Posted : November 1, 2018 10:08 am
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