The Order Garrison

Order Garrison

Order Garrison
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The Captain's Office

Come in and chat with the Captain or leave him a note. If you have official business, need help or support, or have any other issues to discuss, please come in. If your concern is private, please mark your topic as "Private Topic".

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Woodland Watch Previews

Kane Driscol

The Courtyard

Gather with other fencers and train your skills. Discuss your questions, challenges, and experiences to help each other learn.

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Winter Warrior Challenge 2019

Shayen Locke

The Common Room

Take a break with the other Swordsmen, have a meal, or shoot the breeze with a pint of Spruce Beer.

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Music is awesome. And stuff.

Kane Driscol

The Dungeon

What's discussed in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon.

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Bag of Tricks

Kane Driscol

The Woods

Take a walk through the forest to discuss Lore or work with one another on a scenario design.

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Comments and discussion over L...



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