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What should I name my Sword?  



So I've had my long sword for over three years now and it still doesn't have a name. My short sword's name is Charlotte and comes from it's spider-like qualities. My twin swords are named the Wicked Sisters, but don't have individual names yet. I've been waiting for something to come to me because a sword's name will just feel right when you hear it, you know? I'm open to suggestions, but no guarantees that any of them will stick. It just has to feel right.

”I think about intuition in the context of fencing as the sum of all of your experiences taking the form of a feeling that something is going to happen even if you don’t necessarily have the evidence to support it.” – Sada Jacobson

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Is it a boy or a girl? Here are a few options. I listed the meanings next to ones I could find.


Col (victory of men)

Hildeth (good battle counsel)

Ailwi (noble battle)

Hildith (fighter in war)


Kraken (visually, this reminds me of the kraken like your other sword reminds you of spider webs)

Scylla (if you go with mythology she has 12 tentacle-like legs & arms, and she feeds on ships of passing sailors)

It's actually a boy and I really like the Kraken idea. I'm going to go look for names of the Kraken!

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