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*New Feature* Q&A Boards in the Village Square (Question Boards & I'm Stuck)  

Kane Driscol
Woodland Scout

Another great tool of forums is the ability to promote easy Q&A's. Ask a question and others can easily respond with their own answer that more people can vote up or agree on.

How It Works

The Q&A boards work a little differently than the regular forums because when a new topic is posted it is laid out in the form of a question. The title of the topic allows you to ask the basic question while the full reply can provide detail and context. After the question has been asked, others can either provide an answer or add a comment. An answer will be shown apart from the question while a comment will be attached beneath the reply to maintain a clear train of thought. After an answer or answers have been provided, the left of the answer is an option to vote either up or down on the answer. This can signify and highlight the answers that others agree with or also found helpful. Beneath the voting, is a check mark that the original questioner can use to indicate which answer they found most helpful or answered the question directly. That way, in the future, people with similar questions can quickly find the answer. Together these Questions can become a resource of easily accessible knowledge we've all pooled together.

The Question Board

The Question Board is simply a board to ask questions. Any questions that you ask and we hope you will ask many. There is no such thing as a bad question and overtime, many of the most common questions will be answered and recorded for future members. 

The “I'm Stuck!” Board

The I'm Stuck Board is a little more focused on the challenges we all face and would like help with. Being brave enough to share the challenges we are facing can open up vulnerabilities but it can also bring us closer together as we try to lift each other up as a group. 

”I think about intuition in the context of fencing as the sum of all of your experiences taking the form of a feeling that something is going to happen even if you don’t necessarily have the evidence to support it.” – Sada Jacobson

Posted : September 6, 2018 10:54 am
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