Highlights from the Website Training

For everyone that wasn’t able to come to the Sage Training: How Can I Use the Website? last week, I want to point out some of the highlights from the meeting. These highlights are important to note because they flow into the 4-Stage Process and will influence how things are done, moving into the new season.

I’ll try to keep each point brief but leave a comment below with any questions you might have.

The Website is for the Populace

As described in the 4-Stage Process, the website is the door for any member or guest of the Woodland Realm to learn more about the group and our various activities. With that in mind, our goal is to continually add value for the populace or members of the group.

As Shire Leaders create Events, share their thoughts in the Blog, or provide answers to questions in the Library, the mindset should always be what is helpful for the populace. Recurring events should be detailed and unique. Not repetitive or vague. Information should be readily available and Leaders should be active participants on the site.

The populace should find it worthwhile to visit the website whenever they have questions or want to know what is going on in the group.

Have a Website Account

Creating an account is a simple process and something that every member of the group should have. With an account, you can then access many additional features on the site and manage your own Profile on the site. It also makes commenting and sharing your thoughts a whole ton easier!

Parts of the Website

There are six basic areas on the website, as of today:

  • Your Profile Page
    • This is where you can manage your personal profile, which includes details like backstory, ranks, participation, and other useful details.
  • The Blog
    • The Blog is the main feed of content on the site. Anyone can contribute to the Blog in three main categories (General Articles, Lore Stories, and Personal Journals). Additionally, the website organizes Company/Guild specific posts for easy access to interested members.
  • The Library
    • The Library is a repository of helpful documentation, answers, and resources for the members. While the Blog is more of a discussion or opinionated, the Library documents answers to questions and can state the facts of the group.
  • The Forum
    • The Forum or Village is the place to discuss topics and questions that may not merit a full-blown article or post. Members can quickly converse, share their thoughts with one another, and expand the village as the needs arise.
  • The Calendar
    • The Calendar documents all the various activities on both a Google Calendar and on a web calendar that displays the various event pages that have been created.
  • The Dashboard
    • The Dashboard is the area of the site that is accessible only after your account as been upgraded. Having access to the Dashboard allows you to write your own posts and contribute more to the site.

Easter Eggs

Yes, there are various easter eggs hidden throughout the site. Many people have discovered Haute’s Den over the years, but have you found Fairy Glen or most recently, Sylvanus’ Roost? The various easter eggs have been overhauled this year and definitely worth looking into. You may find that they may play into your experience more this year than in years past.

The Big Take-Away

The Website will be playing a crucial role in how Shire Leaders provide information and how members can interact with the group throughout the year. Lorcan, Zarka, and I are happy to help with anyone who is interested in getting involved with the website, but I would highly encourage you to find ways to incorporate the website into your Terrasylvan experience.

Shire Leaders, moving forward, please continue to utilize Trello in your various plannings, but begin to transition applicable content from Trello to the Website as things are finalized. Let us know if you have any questions!

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  1. I’m still contemplating what Broderers can look like on the website, but a recent idea inspired from discussion at the training was to upload tutorial videos that can prepare members for skills needed at the upcoming month’s meeting. I’m pretty excited to try it!


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