Initiate Lessons

Initiates continue to build their foundational skills that are key to being a successful fencer. 


Build Your Foundation

The Initiate lessons are where each fencer’s foundation is formed. 

Train Hard

Each principle can only be learned through repetition and training.


The Initiate lessons will push your skill and experience.

1. Basic Offhand

Learn how to use one of your most effective tools: your other hand.

2. Block/Attack Combos

Learn about attacks that naturally flow from a block.

3. Multiple Attacks

Learn about attacking multiple times effectively.

4. Range & Dominance

Learn the basic ideas of range and gaining dominance in a fight.

5. Draw & Tip Cuts

Learn how to perform valid Draw & Tip Cuts.

6. Four Types of Fencers

Learn about the different types or styles a fencer might be.

7. Line Fighting

Learn how to fight in a line during a melee.

8. Two on One Tactics

Learn how to to fight as a pair against a single foe.

9. Death from Behind (DFB)

Learn how to perform a proper Death From Behind safely.

Test Match: Lieutenant

Each Initiate must have a test match with a Lieutenant before moving on to Novice Lessons.

Completed Initiate?

Expand your knowledge and skill with additional weapons, sides, and principles as a Novice.

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