Novice Lessons

Novices learn the variety of tools and skills that fencing has to offer. Additional weapons and sides, like bucklers and daggers, help give fencers choices and a unique style. 


Branch Out

As a Novice, you should push your limits and try new possibilities.

Take Your Time

The Novice Lessons should be taken slowly and each lesson given time to develop understanding.

Review the Basics

The Novice Lessons may be the most exciting, but you shouldn’t lose your foundation.

1. Dagger

Learn to use the Main Gauche or Dagger as an Offensive side.

2. Deathstick

Learn to use the Sheath or Deathstick as a Non-offensive side.

3. Buckler

Learn to use the Shield or Buckler as a Non-offensive side.

4. Cloak

Learn to use the Cloak as a Non-offensive side.

5. Long Sword

Learn to use a Long Sword (40″ or greater) effectively.

6. Case

Learn to use Case (Two Swords) efficiently.

7. Advanced Blocks

Learn additional more advanced versions of the 8 Basic Blocks.

8. Probing Your Opponents

Learn how to probe your opponent and form a plan.

9. Fighting with a Disability

Learn how to fight after taking an arm or leg wound.

10. Rush Attacks

Learn how to rush your opponent safely.

11. Falling Wedge

Learn how to break through an opponent’s line effectively.

12. Kill Pocket

Learn how to defend a choke point from your enemies.

13. Flanking Manuever

Learn how to destroy your enemy’s line by flanking.

14. Wall of Swords

Learn the Wall of Swords, an Order of the RoseOrder of the Rose The Order of the Rose is a Company within Terrasylvae that focuses on rapier-style fencing. original.

15. Basics of Command

Learn the basics of commanding and leading a team.

Test Match: Captain

Each Novice must have a test match with the Captain before becoming a Swordsman and completing the Terrasylvae Training Program.

Completed Novice?

Congratulations! You've completed the Terrasylvae Training Program and are now ready to be a Swordsman! Where should you go from here?