The purpose of the Cloak lesson is to learn the use of a Cloak, a weighted piece of fabric, as a defensive side.

For Teachers

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Being a defensive side, you won’t be able to “kill” anyone with it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t safety concerns. Cloaks are usually made from weighted fabric like upholstery or moleskin. Be aware of rips and tears in the cloak in the event the cloak becomes snagged or entangled with your opponent’s weapons.


A cloak is a weighted sheet of fabric that is used as a defensive side to trap and entangle your opponent’s blade. It is also puncture resistant to block incoming shots.

Fighting with a Cloak

The Cloak is a very difficult defensive side to use effectively. The cloak relies on your ability to spin and flick the fabric at the right time to block or wrap around an incoming blade. It is held in your hand at arms length with the fabric draping down. If held too closely, incoming shots could be considered a staple if shot through the cloak. Using your hand, you’ll spin bottom edge of the fabric into either a fan or drape. The fan of a cloak can provide the most defensive area of any side, while the combined drape of the cloak has the most weight of any side without risking damaging your opponent’s sword.

Fighting against a Cloak

When fighting against a cloak, your main goal is to keep your sword free from their cloak. Attack the hand holding the cloak or watch for blindspots created by a twirling cloak. You can also time your shots to the movement of the cloak to maximize your attack. If your blade gets trapped within a cloak, retreat and reset at a safe distance. A cloak is also very distracting, but don’t forget the sword which is your primary threat.

Journal Prompt

After experiencing the Cloak, how do you feel fighting with a Cloak or against it? Were you able to control the Cloak effectively or did you struggle? Why?

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You’ve completed the Cloak lesson! Let’s learn how to increase your range with a Long Sword.

How to teach



Use the following EDGE Method lesson summary to guide you along.


Explain the following principles and how they apply to a Cloak. Emphasize that a Cloak is designed to trap, entangle, and distract your opponent and that it takes time to use effectively.

  • How to Fight with a Cloak
  • How to Fight against a Cloak


Demonstrate the use of a Cloak and how it can be used defensively. Demonstrate how to flick and spin the cloak effectively and how it used against your opponent. Include what to do when facing a Cloak.


After demonstrating, guide the students through using a Cloak. Help them control the Cloak and use it in tandem with their sword.


At this stage, each Novice should be able to utilize a Cloak on their own. Run through the following drill or challenge before finishing:

Cloak Drill

Have each student practice controlling a Cloak, by spending time spinning and flicking the cloak alone or with a partner.

Breaking a Shot Challenge (Toro! Toro!)

Have each student find a partner, one will be the Attacker and one will be the Defender. The Attacker will attack the Defender repeatedly, while the Defender defends with only a Cloak. Keep track of how many attacks the Defender can block before being killed, then switch roles. The student who can block the most attacks with only a cloak will be the winner.