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Review a compiled list of Swordsmen and their chosen tabard colors.
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Every Swordsman gains the right to wear the Order of the Rose Company uniform, which is a black velvet tabard with their choice of colored lining. Below is a list of Swordsmen and their tabard colors.

NT = No Tabard Yet | AS = Acting Swordsman

Ace Roger NT
Alisanndra NT
Antonio NT
Ariana Green
Aramis NT
Ashten Rosalyn Lavender
Bijou de Fontane Dark Green
Carmen Aurelia Mist Grey
Chaos Ansum AS
Cordras AS
Damian Azure Purple
Danaskel Oakenshield NT
Danielle / Elizabeth Carter Blue
Daron AS
Don De Corazon Black leather
Draco Silver
Drexus Olive Green
Duren Turquoise
Eva NT
Evanlyn Stewart Turquoise Brocade
Farimir Dobraine Silver
Fenton Monterro Red
Galadriel Claire White
“Gambit” Alistair McDonald Navy Blue
Garret Maroon
Gwynnydd Yellow Gold
Holly NT
Illidan NT
Illthara AS
Ja’ika O’Conner Lime Green
Jericho Bonvollio Red
Kane Driscol Burnt Orange
Kilik NT
Kyrian Dundragon AS
Ladrona De Corazon NT
Larrado Camouflage
Lothar Van Uhm NT
Margret NT
Martin Rhyfelwr Kingsley Payens NT
Miren Folley Burgundy and Gun Metal
Otis NT
Perciful DeMorgan Yellow Black Striped
Rasputin NT
Renald NT
Rhiannon Brenna Burgundy
Sedos Diacus Gold
Shauna Sal Speranza Pink
Shayen Locke Green
Sigmar “Vlad” Gherkin Black/Gold brocade
Skyler NT
“Spanish Dan” Daniel de Taviras y Espadachin Black
Stathos Dark Blue
Thayne NT
“Tilly” Otiliah Vuhs Classic blue
Trista Arie Turquoise
Tsyng NT
Ul’vade NT
Veron Tepes Black & Gold
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