Members Who Joined: 1997-1998

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  • Damian Azure (Michael Kovacs)
  • Gwynnydd (Gwynneth Jones Kovacs)
  • Jared Hale
  • Lucrecia (Elizabeth Kovacs)
  • Rhiannon Brenna (Rachel Kovacs)
  • Sedos Diacus (Chris Fitch)
  • Spanish Dan (Dan Wheeler)


  • Asha (Amber Kartchner)
  • Bronwyn (Annie Jones)
  • Danaskel OakenShield (David Kovacs)
  • Danielle Undomeil Elizabeth Carter (Challe Carter)
  • Fenton Monterro (Chris Barber)
  • Ivan Idonamorich (Steve Wilden)
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