Members Who Joined: 2001-2003

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  • Ariana (Amy Sawyer-Marrelli)
  • Duren (Jordan McMillan)
  • Jericho Bonvollio
  • Kilik
  • Kyrian Dundragon (Kendall Davis)


  • “Gambit” Alistair McDonald (Spencer Aston)
  • Farimir Dobraine (Austin McMillan)
  • Father Robert
  • Larrado Demorgan(Mike Shults)
  • Otis Henry (Richard Cutler)
  • Shayen Locke (Erin Cipman)


  • “Gladdy” Galadriel Claire
  • Ashten Rosalyn (Ashten Barber)
  • Azir de Lucra
  • Beth Kestle (Lothars Mom)
  • Cyan Targonne
  • D`artagnan Alain De Rouge (Trevor Bagley)
  • Drexus
  • Eltiare
  • Garrett Jax (Jake)
  • Juan Hernandez
  • Kaniggit (Adam Knight)
  • Lothar Van Uhm(Aaron Kestle)
  • Stathos Fotinakis (Mike)
  • Theld
  • Vincent Valentine
  • Adam Thompson
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