Officer’s Ceremony

An overview of how the Officer's Ceremony is performed.
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An Officer’s ceremony is performed whenever a fencer has been chosen by the Captain to serve under them as an Officer. The Officer will rise to the rank of either Sergeant or Lieutenant and will work the Captain on their additional responsibilities.


  1. The Company Sword


All swordsman should be invited to bring and wear their tabards. Any special people the upcoming Officer wishes to be present should also be invited to attend.

The ceremony should take place during closing announcements or at other appropriate times to allow the group to participate in the ceremony. 


Officer’s Ceremony

Call forth person to come and stand

Address the group about what an Officer is and does, as follows:

  • They have dedicated themselves to help further the group
  • They are asked to give extra time and energy 
  • They will assist in decisions of the group
  • They will uphold the 4 Levels of Importance
  • They have the Right to Teach

Ask if they still wish this honor


  1. Ask recipient to kneel 
  2. Ask if there are any who would vouch for them
  3. Have them place hand on blade
  4. The Oath
    1. I ___________ / pledge my word / to strengthen the company honor / and assist in company dealings. / I will teach those in the company, / lead both on & off field / and justly deal with others / till I can no longer fulfill my duties.
  5. Place sword on shoulder
  6. Give rank
    1. I, Captain ____________, now grants you. ____________, the rank of __________ in the company of The Order of the Rose.
  7. Ask all those who will support the new officer to stand and salute with hand or sword.
  8. While everyone is still saluting:
    1. “For our newest Officer, “Vevot!” (x3).  Joyous noise.”


  1. Small speech, thank recipient for commitment to group, have them return to seat
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