The 4-Stage Process

The 4-Stage Process is designed to simplify the flow of information and to designate where particular pieces of information should be.
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Over the course of the year, a simple process has been developed to consolidate the flow of online information and the use of technology available in the Shire.

This process is made up of four stages or part. Each stage flows into the next, and identifies on what platform certain tasks belong.

The goal is not to duplicate work, but rather develop it in logical way to eliminate confusion and increase accessibility.

Stage One: Trello

Trello’s strength lies in collaboration. In this first stage, Trello is used to collaborate with other leaders and groups, plan events, request announcements at events, and document progress on projects.

If you are planning, developed, or working on something that affects the Shire, it should start in the Shire Trello Board.

Stage Two: Website

The website’s primary purpose is to be the front door to Terrasylvae for the populace. Everything they might need to fully participate in the group should be accessible on the website. Things like event details, Company/Guild info, documentation, and any articles or stories .

Events that have been planned out on Trello or anything that you’d like the populace to have access to should go on the Website.

Stage Three: Facebook

The consolidated Terrasylvae Facebook group has been simplified so that all Shire posts are posted there. From this single location, the majority of social interaction, outside of practice, happens. Additionally, Facebook is great to promote events or activities, share quick information and have unofficial discussions like sharing funny memes.

Facebook is meant for social interaction and basic communication. Events or others articles from the website can be shared to the Facebook group.

Stage Four: Remind

The final stage is the use of the Texting Group we have through Remind. Remind’s primary purpose is to provide quick and direct communication to members of the group. Most of these communications will be event reminders or last minute updates to activities.

After everything is done and you’d like to reach out directly to the members of the group, you should use Remind.

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