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Specifically designed to help facilitate the many events and activities of the Shire.
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This board’s goal is to allow all Shire Officer’s a place to collaborate and coordinate their efforts as things are planned and developed throughout the Shire. Every Shire Officers, which includes all Company and Guild Leaders have (or will have) access to this board.

The Shire Trello Board is made up of several lists:

Shire Inbox

The Shire Inbox is directly tied to the Website’s various forms. If a form is filled out it can be sent to the Shire Inbox, tagging the appropriate person. You’ll then be notified of its arrival and be able to address the issue or move it to the appropriate list. Think of the Shire Inbox as a communal email inbox.

Upcoming Events/Activities

The Upcoming Events/Activities list is a running catalog of all our upcoming events for the year. Shire Officers will be able to schedule their events and work out the details as they approach, while also providing visibility for other officers to see what is being planned.

Once the details are finalized, an event can be created on the website which will then be made available to the general populace.

What Are You Working On?

The What Are You Working On? list is an opportunity for you to let everyone else know what you are working on and to keep them informed of your progress, even if they are not involved. If there are questions about your project, others can politely ask and discussions can be opened.


The HEEELLLP!!!! list can quickly alert any Shire Officers if you need help with a project or an activity. If you need help reserving a location, need ideas, or are stuck, you can create a card here. Others can then collaborate and assist as needed.

Past Events

The Past Events list is simply an archive of the events as they happen. You could also discuss what went well or what you would like to change about the event for next time, so that we can be better prepared for next year.


The Members list is a running tally of the current Shire Members who have paid for their Shire Membership. This will be maintained by the Seneschal or Deputy Seneschal.

Completed Projects

As projects are completed in the What Are You Working On? list, they will be moved to the Completed Projects list. This way we can have an archive of everything that was worked on and developed throughout the year.

Training Videos

The Training Videos list is a central location for Shire Officers to review how Trello and the website can be used. These How-To videos are also available in the Library in the How-To section.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Kane, Lorcan, or Zarka. Additionally if you believe someone should have access to this board, but doesn’t, please let us know and we can get them added as quickly as possible.

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