The Torchlight Tournament and Skills Competition – 2019

The following are the scores and stories recorded from the 2019 Torchlight Tournament and Skills Competition hosted by Kane.
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What an exciting end to the 2019 Season! It was quite an experience and I’m very grateful that people were able to dial into what a tournament could be.

Below are listed out the winners for each competition and if you’d like to know your specific score, please leave a comment or reach out to Kane directly.

Additionally, if you have any pictures, videos, thoughts, or stories about this event PLEASE let us know in the comments.

Woodland Relay

The Woodland Relay was to see who could traverse Woodland the fastest. Starting at the Pavilion Entrance to Woodland, each competitor could use any path they wished to reach the Wall in Upper Woodland and return. This event was measured in minutes.

  • 1st Place: Veron — 1:31.54
  • 2nd Place: Drakis — 1:45.58
  • 3rd Place: Wren — 2:00.83

Stabbing Accuracy

In Stabbing Accuracy, each competitor was charged to stab 5 targets in rapid succession without missing or knocking over any wooden blocks. This event was measured in seconds.

  • 1st Place: Veron — 2.93
  • 2nd Place: Drakis — 3.19
  • 3rd Place: Kat & Sigmar — 3.26

Fastest Footwork

The Fastest Footwork event was to see who could traverse a simple course the fastest, using basic footwork. This event was measured in seconds.

  • 1st Place: Edward — 15.26
  • 2nd Place: Sigmar — 16.25
  • 3rd Place: Lorance — 16.44

Most Positive Pressure

The goal in Most Positive Pressure was to stab a sheet of paper three times in hopes to keep it the most pristine after the three attacks. This event was measured in a King of the Hill style where sheets were compared against one another.

  • 1st Place: Kat

The Torchlight Tournament

The Torchlight Tournament was held over 6 Rounds in a Swiss format and complete rules are available to for review. This tournament was based on a Win-Lose-Tie record and the Median-Buchholz method was used in the event of a tie.

  • 1st Place: Renald — 5-1-0 | 16.5
  • 2nd Place: Damian — 5-1-0 | 16.0
  • 3rd Place: Veron — 5-1-0 | 14.5
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