Who would cross the Login of Death must answer me these questions five*, ‘ere the other side they see.

*Three, sir!

A stone in the forest…

Lying in the wide expanse of Woodland is a stone like any other, except for one thing. Carved into one side and worn with age is a symbol that very few notice and even fewer recognize.

You come across this stone and see it to be a rune…

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What’s this?…

As you examine the rune, you notice an odd indentation. Pressing into it, you hear a quiet grinding of stone as the boulder slowly slides to one side, revealing a narrow staircase plunging into the earth.

Eventually, the tunnel ends…

What may have been minutes or hours, you exit the tunnel to find yourself in an ancient portion of Woodland you don’t recognize. Old stones that seemed to have been carved by human hands are scattered everywhere and you appear to be standing in some form of structure from long ago.

What brings you here?…

As you explore the ancient ruins, suddenly a voice calls out to you,

“What brings you here? You’re not lost again, are you?”

You turn around to be confronted with old man Dyn Hysbys. His beard hanging low as he leans against his crooked staff, starring at you with his inquisitive eyes. A wry grin pressing at the corners of wrinkled mouth.

There is much to explore…

You wander the ruins and talk with Dyn Hysbys through the afternoon. Along the way he points out different features of the ruins and pieces of Woodland history, in ways that make you think he might have been there…but that wouldn’t make any sense. He asks if you have any questions that you’d like answering.

Use the form below to state your question and perhaps Dyn Hysbys might have an answer for you. If not, perhaps there is more at work than you realize. You can never quite tell what the old crackpot has in mind…

After asking your question, Dyn Hysbys stands there, silently, for an almost uncomfortable amount of time before finally saying,

“I’ll think about it.”

He promptly then turns and walks away without another word, leaving you to find your way back to the village. Unfortunately, it seems you didn’t pay much attention to where Dyn Hysbys was leading you during your conversation.