Observations: #002–004

This week’s Melee Practice led to some very interesting observations. Here is what I noticed this week:

Observation #002 – There Is Nothing Wrong with a Little Patience

The very nature of Melee encourages a sense of haste and speed. You have to get in, get the kill, and achieve the objective. But sometimes, there is nothing wrong with being patient and slowing things down. Taking some time to wait for better opportunities can be worthwhile.

Observation #003 – Terrain Can Win the Day

We are privileged to be able to fight in such a diverse and dynamic arena, such as Woodland. No matter where you choose to fight, careful consideration and clever implementation of terrain can win the day.

In tonight’s melees, I saw multiple occasions where taking terrain into account lead to advantages and victories. Whether it was placing a tree or rock between opponents, moving back to a more defensible position between two trees, or using the treeline to break line of sight. The terrain really is a huge factor when it comes to melees.

Observation #004 – A Conversation is Worth 100 Fights

My final observation of the night is how beneficial meaningful conversations are, as they pertain to fencing. Not only do they provide opportunities to converse with fellow fencers, but they also allow for thoughts and lessons to be solidified as we find ways to explain them to others.

I’ve had a lot of fencing ideas on my mind over the last few months, and Miren has been my primary sounding board, which I really appreciate. But when I had an opportunity to explain the concept of the Sleeping Mind to two different audiences it really forced me to figure out how I would put my esoteric thoughts into simple, understandable words. That experience, to me, is worth 100 fights because I’m able to figure out more from a meaningful conversation than if I just fought 100 fights and tried to piece everything together in my own head.

Tell me a time where patience, terrain, or a conversation has stood out to you in fencing.

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