Order of the Rose 2019 Mid-Season Survey

Hey Fencers, can you believe we are halfway through the season? It seems like it has been flying by. As we are half way through, we would like your feedback so we can plan for the rest of the season. Please, take some time to carefully answer the questions below.

We love and appreciate you, thanks for taking the time.

On a Scale of 1 - 5, with 5 being excellent, how do you feel the Order of the Rose is doing in the following areas?

Here are some more :

Some Final Thoughts of the Year

For this Woodland Watch, I wanted to give the Officers a chance to share something with the entire group because tomorrow will be their final practice before being released.

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It’s About Time!!!

To commemorate the new season, which starts this Friday (March 1st) at 5:30pm in Woodland, I’ll be sharing a short little post every day this week. These posts will have announcements, treats, and other goodies to get you ready. I’ll keep them brief so you can glance through them in just a few moments.

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What are you most excited for during the last half of the season?

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