Newcomers will pick up a sword for the first time and begin their journey in fencing. These lessons focus on being a safe, honorable, fun-loving fencer that is still gaining new skills.


Be Safe

As a Newcomer, your main responsibility is learning how to be safe.

Be Comfortable

Your first few weeks will be learning how things work. Learn how to be comfortable with the process.

Be Confident

Win or lose, be confident that you will learn and progress. 

Rules for Pirates!

How to play our Pirates! recurring scenario game. 

2. Gear – Armor

Learn about the armor we wear that keeps us safe.

3. Gear – Swords

Learn about the rapier and its different parts.

4. Stance & Movement

Learn the basic fencing stance and how to move effectively.

5. Basic Blocks

Learn the 8 Basic Blocks that allows you to defend yourself.

6. Safety

Learn about the different safety protocols and rules.

7. Taking Shots

Learn what it means to take a shot and what is a valid hit.

8. Basic Attacks

Learn the basic method of attacking safely.

9. Breaking Shots

Learn how to prevent and avoid giving hard shots.

10. Basics of Melee

Learn the basic rules, safety, and ideas of fighting in a melee or group battle. 

Test Match: Sergeant

Each Newcomer must have a test match with a Sergeant before moving on to Initiate Lessons.

Completed Newcomer?

Continue building your foundation as an Initiate and learn more of what's possible in fencing.