Planning an Event from Start to Finish

In the following video, watch as I plan an event from start to finish using the 4-Stage Process. I hope you’ll be able to see how each part flows into the next and that with time and practice, planning events will become a simple and straight forward effort. As always, if you have any questions, reach out or let me know in the comments.

Why Trello is First

  • Every leader knows what you’re thinking
  • Events will not overlap and we can see what is scheduled
  • Every leader has access to correct information about your event, if there are questions

Why Website is Second

  • It’s one, consistent place to find every event
  • Everyone has access to the event details, even if they are not members currently
  • Events can be posted in advance, so people have time to plan accordingly

Why Facebook is Third

  • Facebook is where everyone can share and discuss socially
  • Events can be discussed and promoted in a public space
  • When information is buried in endless memes, the event is preserved on the website

Why Remind is Fourth

  • Quick updates can be made as the event approaches
  • Last minute changes can be announced, so people are informed immediately
  • Reminders can be sent out to encourage attendance

Do you understand how to plan an event with the 4-stage Process?

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