Practice Planner

Practices are planned by the Captain, Lieutenants, and Master Swordsmen on a rotating basis.* The Captain assigns, in advance, specific practices to individuals that need to be planned, according to the theme listed below, and then submitted to the Captain before the appropriate practice. 

* Practices may be planned and run by other Officers, members, or guests of the Order of the Rose after receiving permission from the Captain. The person(s) desiring to plan a practice will work with the Captain to find an appropriate date within the practice schedule.

The individuals who planned the practice will direct the proceeding of activities after the first hour of lessons. In the event, the individual who was responsible for planning and directing practice is unable to attend, direction will fall back to the Captain. If the Captain is unable to attend, direction falls to the Lieutenants.

August Practice Themes

August 3

Open Practice

August 10

Dueling Practice

August 17

Melee Practice

August 24

Open Practice

August 31

Dueling Practice

Use the form below to plan out a fencing practice. Be sure to include enough detail so that the practice plan can be understood by other Officers and members. If you will be unable to attend practice, include enough detail that the Captain or Lieutenants can run the practice during your absence. 

If you need help planning a specific scenario or a Terrasylvae Mission, please use the Scenario Planner.