The Loose Leaf Newsletter

It’s hard to keep up with everything that is going on in Terrasylvae, sometimes. We want to be involved, but life gets in the way and we all miss a date, a time, or forget to check the website.

So, to make it easier to stay informed, we have set up a simple, weekly Newsletter called The Loose Leaf.

The Loose Leaf is a short, summarized email sent out once a week on Monday mornings, listing activities, dates to remember, and other stuff happening in the group for the upcoming weekWe won’t include anything further out than that.

Imagine writing out all the details on a loose leaf, floating in the wind. There’s not a lot of room, so we will be brief and to the point!

This newsletter will NOT replace announcements at practices or details provided on the website. If you have questions or would like more information about anything, please check the website and other resources. You can also contact us directly.

How to Subscribe

Subscribing is super simple! At the bottom of every page on the website, you’ll find a simple form. Fill out your first name and a valid email* and then click SUBSCRIBE.

You should then receive a welcome email and then start receiving weekly emails every Monday morning. That’s it!

*We highly urge you to use non-school emails that you check regularly. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Let us know if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions in the comments below!

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