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Captain, in The Order of the RoseOrder of the Rose The Order of the Rose is a Company within Terrasylvae that focuses on rapier-style fencing.
I am a happy wife and mom. My husband is Taceo, we have two kids. I love fencing, reading, writing, bread, the colors green & yellow, working out, juggling, gaming, & silly jokes.
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Shayen Locke is the daughter of a bible smuggling salt merchant. She was sent to Terrasylvae for safety where she quickly fell in love with the art of sword play. She left for a time, wandered Europe and learned to make bread. She returned to Terrasylvae married and with two kids. She set up a bakery and quickly got back into service in the Order of the Rose.

Shay is lively, and can be firmly opinionated. She reads and ponders a lot. She occasionally writes, but prefers to tell her stories instead. She has had one apprentice, Miren, and is currently apprenticed to Evanlyn. Shay firmly believes in life long learning.

After her return to Terrasylvae, Shay served in the officer corps as a Sergeant, and then a Lieutenant for a combined 5 years. During that time she also apprenticed to Captain Kane for 3 years, along side Evanlyn and later Veron. After that the Captaincy was transferred to her, and she now leads the Order of the Rose.

The Shire, The Order of the Rose, The Rangers, The Company of Broderers
Captain, in The Order of the Rose
May 31 2002