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Let's Talk: Minor Woodland Guardians  

Kane Driscol
Dyn Hysbys Apprentice

When it comes to the major entities of Woodland, there are four primary Guardians that are mentioned over and over again. Those are:

  1. Petal, the bridge troll in love with Rhiannon
  2. Dobble & Puckleflup, a pair of trickster goblins
  3. Perran, a mischievous spriggan roaming the woods
  4. Maeton, a dryad who has made their home in Lower Woodland
  5. Dyn Hysbys, a “crackpot” wizard who knows too much
  6. Vann Oru, a river spirit that usually takes the form of a wolf.

Let's talk about these Guardians! Share what you think about them or what questions you've always want answered.

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Posted : April 29, 2019 12:42 pm
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Shayen Locke
Woodland Scout

I have a particular fondness for Perran. He's a mischevious spriggan. But mostly harmless.

Spriggan are woody looking creatures. Like smaller ents. Traditionally they live near cairns or barrows. Rocky places where humans try to avoid. Though roughly humanoid in size and form they have enormous strength. They look like old men with childlike faces. 

I think of Perran as on the slightly smaller side for a spriggan. Almost my own height though slightly taller. With long twiggy fingers that tend to fidget a little. 

While his cousins can be cruel, reclusive, and vicious, Perran has found that he's rather fond of Terrasylvae and it's denezins. He likes us. Though he still enjoys friendly pranks. What changed his nature from that of his cousins is not known to any one except perhaps Dyn Hysbys or Sylvanus. It's possible he comes from Ellesbeth Cairn though he's never confirmed that. 

Perran's eyes are light blue, so light they almost seem clear like the air itself. And his smile is utterly contagious. His laugh sounds like small bundles of sticks rattling together, and when he moves it feels like wind. 

Perran is a master forester and has trained much of the woods and hedges near the Village to create warrens and secret passages for himself and thoes who he lets into his world. This enables him to move around Terrasylvae very quickly. He is able to communicate with many different animals and together they keep an eye on the goings on in and around the Village. Because of these things his is often the first warning heard when Woodland is threatened.

Perran resides primarily in lower Woodland, in the overgrown area between the two rivers where there are no clear paths. If he let's you find his home you'll discover a fairly tidy, open air parlor with a clover rug and topiary easy chairs. A surprising level of comfort for a wild creature. Clearly he has been influenced by Lord Damian Azure. 

Perran is fiercly loyal, and delightfully lighthearted. He loves to laugh!

Posted : April 29, 2019 8:40 pm

There are many paths…

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