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2020 Observations - A Study  

Kane Driscol
Dyn Hysbys Apprentice

Originally, I started recording this in individual journal entries, but I realize now that this may be a better venue since they are smaller and continually added upon thoughts. I'm going to leave the original post up and link to this thread in case anybody sees that post.

Observation #001 – A Compliment Feels Better than a Win

I noticed that, if I compare the feelings of winning a fight and giving my opponent a genuine compliment, the compliment feels better. With every compliment given, I felt better and enjoyed each fight more, whether I won or lost. I can feel there is a difference between fighting an opponent and fighting a friend. Finding a genuine compliment beyond just “good fight” or “well done” made me feel like I was fighting friends.

Remember: great is just good, but repeatable.

Posted : March 9, 2020 9:31 am
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