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2020 Observations - A Study  

Kane Driscol
Dyn Hysbys Apprentice

Originally, I started recording this in individual journal entries, but I realize now that this may be a better venue since they are smaller and continually added upon thoughts. I'm going to leave the original post up and link to this thread in case anybody sees that post.

Observation #001 – A Compliment Feels Better than a Win

I noticed that, if I compare the feelings of winning a fight and giving my opponent a genuine compliment, the compliment feels better. With every compliment given, I felt better and enjoyed each fight more, whether I won or lost. I can feel there is a difference between fighting an opponent and fighting a friend. Finding a genuine compliment beyond just “good fight” or “well done” made me feel like I was fighting friends.

Remember: great is just good, but repeatable.

Posted : March 9, 2020 9:31 am
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There are many paths…

Miles and miles of paths stretch throughout Woodland. Some are well documented, while others are only used by the creatures of the forest.

You stumble upon one such path that you don’t recognize…

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You see many things…

The recesses of Woodland hide many wondrous things and places. As you follow this newly discovered path, you come across such places that remind you of the inherent magic of this forest realm…

The sun begins to set…

Hours have passed and your journey has taken you deep into the wilderness of Woodland. The light slowly dips behind the mountains and the trees, leaving you with the stars above and the gentle calm of a forest falling to sleep.

You leave the forest behind…

The morning brings you to the mountains that neighbor the Woodland Realm. The trees thin and the landscape climbs away from the forest floor. Clouds and mist form and swirl with the wind.

You find the Wyvern’s Roost

Near the peak of the mountain, you unexpectedly come across a cavern. It feels warm and safe. Your heart tells you that you’ve come across Sylvanus’ roost.

Use the form below to cast your voice into the cave and see if Sylvanus will hear you. Do not be discouraged if he does not respond. Sylvanus will answer when the need is great…

After speaking into the cave, you feel that it is time to return home. This isn’t a place to linger.

Your trek is slow, but as you return to the forest and look back towards the mountains, you look up to see a shadow slide across the sky.

Maybe it was a trick of the eye, but you can’t quite convince yourself that it wasn’t in the shape of a wyvern.