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Breaking shots against a charge  

Veron Tepes
Terrasylvan Villager Registered

I have noticed my hardest shots come from when I throw a shot right at the same moment someone is charging me. This makes my shots doubly hard because I gauge my shots for where I anticipate them to move. Most people rock back when getting shot at so I aim for where they will be when that rock back is completed. When they jump forward as I'm throwing that shot they are about 3-5 inches in front of where I'm aiming. This causes such hard shots with the how far behind them I am aiming as well as all the force in my sword since they weigh more than the standard.

Is there a way to be able to feel the contact mid strike and break the shot? Or am I simply viewing the issue in a incorrect way, and the solution is something I haven't thought of yet?

Posted : January 13, 2020 10:28 am
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Is there such a thing as getting the same hard shot over and over? I think giving and receiving hard shots are difficult to comprehend, because to gauge something and do so quickly requires both parties to recognize what is/has happened.

-Side note: man I need to figure out how the backend of these forums work so I can make either the website ping something when a new post is created, or an app to ping everyone for the forum posts.

Posted : January 17, 2020 8:23 am
Kane Driscol
Dyn Hysbys Apprentice

In my opinion, there are two parts to preventing hard shots: gauging and breaking your shots.

Breaking a shot is a trained response to signals that your shot will be hard like pulling back or providing a hinge for the excess energy to escape. It's a muscle memory that needs to be developed.

Gauging shots, on the other hand, are the preventative measures you take to ensure that your shot won't be hard. Where you aim, the speed of the shot, and how deeply you commit to the strike are all parts of gauging a shot.

In response to Veron, instead of trying to aim passed a person, in anticipation that they will back away from you, try aiming in front of where the person is and then compensating for the distance with movement or continued extension. In the event that someone backs away, you can follow them in their retreat and land a shot with positive pressure. In the event that someone jumps forward on a charge, your tip will be in a position to meet them and you can pull back to account for their continued advance.

In response to Zarka, yes I do believe it's possible to get the same hard shot over and over. If a person fails to gauge their shot, their strikes will default to whatever they're comfortable throwing and most often leads to harder shots. Also, here is some documentation on the how the forums work: https://wpforo.com/documentation/ The feature you're probably look for is the Forum/Topic Subscription. I was emailed when Veron created this topic and when you replied because I was subscribed to this area of the forum. 


Remember: great is just good, but repeatable.

Posted : January 17, 2020 9:19 am

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