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How to Solo Train?  


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A question that I have been asked lately has been “How to Solo Train” or in other words, how do you train when no one else is around to train with you. I have my initial responses of picking up your sword as often as possible or fighting some dragons, but I would love to hear other suggestions, ideas, and even drills to help make my response to this kind of question more worthwhile.

What has helped you or have been shared with you.

(As a shameless attempt to get answers I'm going to tag the following to respond. Once you've responded, please tag additional members who have created an account by using the "@" followed by their user-tag. You can find everyone's listed out by checking the member directory.)

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Solo train? Awesome!

Last year I took advantage of two winter warrior challenges. I did a blocking challenge that ramped up the difficulty over 100 days. I enjoyed that process. It was a little too much for me. I'd recommend shorter challenges that focus less on mindless repetition and more on intentional practice. There is a great TED talk on intentional practice.


And the other challenge I worked on was improving general physicality. I'm sure everyone knows this already but I've been working out for over a year now. I've lost 60 lbs, and I've ramped up my physical ability. I highly support cross training. 


Other solo things I've done is footwork drills. Blocking drills. Point control drills and block attract combo drills. I have my own Kata. And I'm a huge fan of sword dancing. 

What I recommend is just picking up your sword. Just pick it up and play. Time box it. Give yourself 20 min and see what you can do. We have a Woodland Watch on the power of 20 min. I'm also a huge fan of writing about it. Writing your thoughts solidifies them.

I tag @evanlyn, my master. 🙂 What do you recommend?



Haha! Thanks Shay 😉 

I think my solo training is more laid back. I don't have much time to train physically so I think my solo training is more mental. It's easier for me to think while working or driving about how the fights went the previous practice, lessons we learned, what I could do better, things I notice, make goals for the next practice, etc. I also like to talk about fights and practice with people outside of friday nights. I find mentally imagining moves (new or old) helps me carry it out. It may not be as refined as it could be if I practiced during the week but I think that it is better than nothing.

But I do pick up my sword and practice with it. Not much as I probably should but I have noticed when I was challenged to work on my snipes they did improve. So I also recommend getting your sword out and wave it around at home. 

I tag @edward. Because 😉 Haha! 



Here's a few things I do to solo train. The idea behind most of these is simply to build/keep muscle memory so I don't have to think too much during a fight.

- Go through the eight basic blocks and advanced blocks.

- Move around my apartment using footwork instead of just walking.

- Stab a tennis ball from different ranges/angles.

- Watch/analyze fencing videos on YouTube.

- Listen to music that sets the mood for battle.

- Think about fencing.

I tag @lorcan.

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Just to make sure those I tagged are notified, I'm tagging them in this post as well. 

@damian, I'm tagging you because you were the first person to show me how to train on my own.

@martin_rhyfelwr, I'm tagging you because I feel you may have some good insights on drills.

@shay, I'm tagging you because you're the captain and because you should always share your wisdom.

@tsyng, I'm tagging you because I miss you and your thoughts.

@sylvas, I'm tagging you because you are one of our newest swordsmen and I want to pick on you.

@zarka, I'm tagging you because you are one of our newest swordsmen and I didn't want you to think you were exempt from getting picked on.

@elydrie, I'm tagging you because you are one of our newest swordsmen and I didn't want you to feel like you were left out.

Remember: great is just good, but repeatable.

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