The Order of the Rose is a rapier fighting company for anyone to learn fencing in an environment of learning, camaraderie, and acceptance.

Levels of Importance





Weekly Practice

Every Friday from March through October at 5:30-9:00 PM at Woodland Park. Lessons: 6-7 PM Activities: 7-9 PM

Types of Practice

1. Dueling Practice

2. Melee Practice

3. Open Practice

Training Program

The entire Training Program takes 1-2 seasons to complete, depending on attendance and dedication. Upon completion, you earn the rank of Swordsman. Minimum Age to Start: 14 years old

Rank System

1. Newcomer

2. Initiate

3. Novice

4. Swordsman

Officers Corps

The group is run by a group of members called Officers. They plan practices, help members, and address any issues. If you have any questions, ask an Officer.

Current Officers

1. Captain (Shay)

2. Lieutenants (Edward & Evanlyn)

3. Sergeants  (Lorcan & Zarka)


Everyone must fill out and sign a Code of Conduct & Waiver form before they can start. These are available from the Officers.

Loaner Gear

We have a large selection of loaner gear available. We do not provide gloves. These should be brought to the next practice.

Company Fees

The first month is free for everyone, but each month after there is a $5 fee to cover the cost of equipment rental and other events/resources.

Map of Woodland

Woodland is our home and it may be helpful to get a tour to learn some of the places referred to at practice.

Fencing Names

In the first few weeks, feel free to choose a fencing name that everyone can get to know you by.

Additional Resources

Feel free to check out our website at TERRASYLVAE.COM for more resources and information about the group.

Criteria for Success

Rest of Practice

Encourage Newcomers to watch, talk, and explore the group.  Find other members to include them in what is going on or help answer questions.

1. They have been introduced and welcomed to the group

2. They have received a waiver to read and sign

3. They know they need gloves for next practice.