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Winter Warrior Challenge

Mentality | Week 2

Record Personal Lore in Your Journal

Complete at least 6 of the following tasks this week.

Who are you?

Describe who your persona is as a person.

Where are you from?

Decide on where your persona comes from.

When were you born/how old are you?

Write down when your persona was born and/or how old they are now.

Do you have a family? Who are they?

Detail your family situation and who they are.

What is your backstory?

Write down how you would introduce your persona to another person.

What are your special skills? Weapons?

Detail any special skills your persona has or weapons they utilize.

What are your talents, hobbies, and/or interests?

Describe if your persona has any additional extracurricular interests outside of Fencing.

How did you connect with Terrasylvae?

Write down how your persona encountered and came to join Terrasylvae?

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