Happy Halloween Terrasylvae

Welcome to Terrasylvae

We are a Historical Fencing Company focused on learning the art of Rapier sword fighting. We are also a group of friends that still believe in Chivalry and Honor. That there is adventure to be had and a sense of magic still burns in our hearts. If that sounds like you, than you’re in the right place.

Find out more about us or pay us a visit. All are welcome around our fire and we’re happy to introduce all those interested into the adventure. Welcome to Terra-Sylvae!

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Woodland Park

300 S 200 E Farminton, UT

Kane Driscol



Sword Fighting

Do you want to study your Agrippa? Use Bonetti’s Defense against your friends… and enemies? Then you need to pick up a sword and begin your journey into the world of swordfighting! Come join us at Terrasylvae to begin your training. We focus primarily on Renaissance Rapier Fighting, but we dabble in just about everything.


It is our goal at Terrasylvae to make sure every visitor is welcome and has a place around our fire. Terrasylvae was founded upon the idea that whether we be popular or misfit, King of Kings or lowly peasant, that everyone should have a place amongst friends. We do more than just fencing here. We are a group of friends that just want to have fun doing the things we love to do.


We’re always looking for the next big adventure. Even if that means making our own. Terrasylvae can be a gateway into a world that few in the modern world know exist. It’s a world of historical recreation and an attempt to relive the wonder of ages long since past. Are you up for an adventure?