A safe haven for outcasts, vagabonds, and misfits who need a family–like community of friends. We hope everyone can find a place here.

"The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp."
Damian Azure
Master Swordsman

Learn to swordfight

Our largest guild is Fencing, but you are welcome to participate in any or all of our guilds. Our Terrasylvae Training Program will teach you the basics of being a skillful swordsman.

Meet new people

We love meeting new, fun-loving people. The more people who come and participate in all of Terrasylvae's many activities, the more exciting they are. 

Have an adventure

There is a something for everyone in Terrasylvae that will take you on adventure. Pirates, Steampunk, Warlords. We've got it all.

Check out our guilds


The Order of the Rose

Order of the Rose is a company open to anyone wanting to learn how to fence, without fear of ridicule. We welcome safe, honorable, fun-loving people who desire to become skilled swordsmen.


The Company of Broderers

Welcome to the Company of Broderers! We are a group of seamstresses based in Terrasylvae, who are masters of the textile arts. We're here to help with your projects.


The Writers Guild

This is a group for all the writers in Terrasylvae, where we can get opinions about our work or collaborate on projects.


The Rangers

The Rangers is group of adventurers protecting the lands of Terrasylvae through the use of Archery, Wilderness Survival, and Long Sword. We train together to defend the group where others cannot.


The Gaming Guild

Gaming Guild is dedicated to the mastery and design of board games which includes the study of game mechanics, styles, design, and reviews.


The Sylvan Assembly

The Sylvan Assembly dedicate our time learning and teaching medieval dances and music. We love hosting dances and feasts.


And Much More...

Terrasylvae is a growing community of friends and family. We love doing things together and always have an activity coming up.

Upcoming Events

Share in our adventures

Everyone is welcome around our fire. Whether you are King or Peasant, all are equal in Terrasylvae.