Even though this list of lessons is long, remember that each lesson is an introduction to a subject and not the subject in its entirety. Every person you work with will be able to give you their unique perspective and insight. If you feel like you are struggling with any of the lessons, feel free to take them again and work with others on them. You can also work with an Officer to make a lesson plan to fit your interests, strengths, and weaknesses as a fencer.

required newcomer lessons

ALL NEW FENCERS must complete all 7 of these required Newcomer Lessons first. Upon completion, fencers will earn the rank of NOVICE and can continue taking other lessons along their fencing journey.

Required lessons

To rank as a Swordman, you must complete all 15 of these required lessons + 20 elective lessons, and the other Swordsman Criteria. If you have any questions, please reach out to an Officer.

Criteria For Becoming a Swordsman*

  • Understand/implement the Four Levels of Importance
  • Have at least two years of fencing experience
  • Be a contributing member for at least 9 months
  • Complete all 15 required lessons
  • Complete at least 20 elective lessons
  • Have, at least, 5 Check-In’s with an Officer
  • Have, at least, 2/3 of your kit (helmet, gorget, or sword)
  • Participate in at least two tournaments
  • Participate in at least one war
  • Be approved, selected, and tested by the Captain

*At the Captain’s discretion, one requirement may be waived.


Note: These electives can be taken in any order, respecting any prerequisites, and can allow you to use certain weapons/gear.