The Shire

Everyone has a Place around our fire!

Founded in 1999, Terrasylvae has been a community of friends and family, open to anyone who wants to learn without fear of ridicule or judgment. It is a safe haven for outcasts, vagabonds, and misfits who need a family-like group of friends.

Our Shire vision

As we grow, our goal is to continue to provide a refuge from the tumultuous world around us and to ensure that everyone is welcome around our fire; to be treated as equals. We believe in Honor, where none is found; Adventure, in everything we do; and Camaraderie with everyone we meet. Through Terrasylvae, each member will be part of something greater than themselves, experience grand adventures, forge new friendships, and learn new skills.

We are essentially a band of friends and family that come together to learn cool new skills together, enjoy each other’s company and support, and just have some good old-fashioned fun.

We are similar to a group called the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) in that we practice medieval culture re-enactment, and learn some skills and fun things that Medieval-Renaissance era people enjoyed. So, we dress up (if desired), we put on our old-timey alter-egos, and we have some fun practicing everything from sword fighting to sewing. It’s partially LARP-ing, and if you’re into that, great, if not, we promise to like you just the same. You’ll have fun either way.

For example, in The Order of the Rose, our largest subgroup (or Company) within Terrasylvae, we revolve around studying a kind of swordplay called Period Fencing. This is the actual kind of swordplay you’d find way, way back in the day, when if you had a problem with someone, you challenged them to a duel, pulled out your rapiers, and settled your differences with good old fashioned swordplay. Don’t worry, we don’t kill anyone here, and we heavily discourage having a bad attitude and carrying grudges that would have brought your ancestors to arms. We’re completely safe and respectful of others, and our goal is to have constructive fun, not just to win (though that’s nice too).

If you aren’t into swordplay, we also have plenty of other things you can try your hand at. We support a host of Guilds within Terrasylvae that you can join, which are as follows:

If you have questions about who we are or what we do, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to have you come and join us, and experience the fun and camaraderie of Terrasylvae!