For the Glory of the Rose!​

We are the Order of the RoseOrder of the Rose The Order of the Rose is a Company within Terrasylvae that focuses on rapier-style fencing., the Company of period rapier fencers in Terrasylvae. The rose is our company symbol and represents the values we as a group share as well as our own personal value that we are willing to uphold in this world.

Grab a Sword!

As a rapier combat group we are striving to keep historical fencing alive, and promote the positive values of swordsmanship. We believe those values to be Safety, Honor, a positive Attitude, and doing all we do with Skill. We try to promote these attributes on and off the field. We hope to strengthen individuals and our community by using the skill of fencing to build strong swordsmen who in turn will pass on the lessons they learn and benefit our communities in safe, honorable, positive and skillful ways.

Fencing is also a ton of fun! It is a fast paced, mentally engaging sport that has a long and rich history. We enjoy practicing this ancient art in an updated and lively way.

We would love to have like minded people join our group! We meet every Friday from the first in March to the last in October, at 5:30PM, in Woodland Park, in Farmington UT. Each week, on Wednesday, we post on our website the event plans for the week. Please check out our events, bring a pair of good gardening gloves with long cuffs, and come see us on your next free Friday. We will be happy to gear you up, put a rapier in your hand, and teach you everything we know about this fascinating sport.

Latest Posts from Order of the Rose


Training Announcement

We would like to give students more opportunities to progress and receive the lessons they are most looking forward to. To that end, we will be testing a new system over the next couple of months.


How to File a Sword

Ja’ika and Veron show how to file your sword clean of dents, nicks, and burrs.